Bonded Foam Mattress

Bonded foam mattresses are made from different kinds of PU foam types which are glued together under pressure. it is a recent alternative to coir as a basic mattress material. durable, flexible, bonded foam mattresses adjusts to body’s pressure and supports it in all the crucial areas such as the spine. The mattresses also alter to the body temperature matching the body heat. which provides comfort and support to spinal area (aligning to its natural shape) and other crucial areas such as the lower back area, hip bones as well as shoulder area.

Further more, because it combines the features of a pure foam mattress and the higher density of a coir mattress. they are reasonably priced. the hospitals and institutions find this type of mattress suitable for handling large volume of customers and heavy usage. these mattresses are durable and flexible. flexible, bonded mattresses also provide extra support to back and shoulder while keeping the spine in its natural shape. in its many health benefits, one of the most significant one being complete support to your body therefore very helpful for those who are suffering from back.

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