Coir Mattress

Coir mattresses is made up of rubberised coir which is natural fibre. it is made by processing coconut coir fibre with rubber solution (processed rubber plant extract). coir mattresses are made by compressing loose coir fibre. while coir (coconut fiber) by itself does not have any pliability, but once processed along with rubber solution, the coir sheets get the required suppleness and ability to modify itself according to our body shape. on comparison, a rubberised coir feels much firmer compared to the other alternatives that are available.

These natural fibres in these mattresses allow air to circulate and help the mattress to maintain a cool temperature. coir is also highly absorbent, and hence it absorbs moisture from the air retaining at least 8% to 10% of the moisture. this also gives the additionally airy sensation to the coir mattress. however, coir mattress are not exactly flexible and cannot mold itself entirely to body contours. coir is a naturally a hygroscopic material, it is relatively more breezy in its design. the mattress must be manufactured with very little foam underneath which is what actually helps the relative coolness of the coir. rubberised coir mattresses will feels cool only if you sleep as close to the coir. which means that, if there are multiple layers of foam on top of the mattress, you will not feel the cooling effect of the coir. so when rubberised coir is padded up with thick foams it defeats the purpose of the rubberised coir itself.

The quality of the rubberised coir is highly dependent on its content of rubber solution used while manufacturing the mattress. rubber solution gives the suppleness to the coir, therefore with a higher rubber solution content the resilience is better. this also makes the coir last longer and prevents it from sagging. higher the coir used in making the mattress, the more durable it is. coir mattresses are naturally inclined to sagging. it is only a matter of time that even the best mattresses begin to sag. this is due to the low-rubber solution content in the coir sheets. over the years the rubber solution content used while making such mattresses are reduced to keep down with the manufacturing costs. even the best coir mattresses do not last more than 3-4 years until it begins to sag losing its shape.

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