Foam Mattress

Foam mattresses contain polyurethane (pu) foam which offer triple benefit of comfort, support and durability. the foam is anti-dust, ensures a noise-free night, and resists to crumbling and matting. foam mattresses in its purest form are very user friendly, since they combine lifestyle elements with reasonable budget. foam mattresses are water resistant and very long shelf life which make foam mattresses popular. polyurethane foam reduces the chances of majority of allergies because it has an open cell structure that allows free flow of air. this reduces residual odor and mold and mildew infestation.

Polyurethane foam or pu foam is manufactured using synthetic materials. it is baked in the process to form the finished foam. the main advantage over other materials is the low cost of manufacture. the design resembles a firmly walled bee-hive structure which allows its cell walls to squeeze and decompress giving it the required softness and cushioning. foam which posses a natural spring action. when you press against them, while sleeping or sitting, the spring action exerts equal pressure to return to its original position. this gives rise to numbness at body’s pressure points leading to a disrupted sleep. when pressure points are formed, we tend to toss and turn until the feeling of numbness goes away. this could cause pain over time.

Foam mattresses are made in a stringent environment, enabling standardized quality. this also allows buyers to choose the firmness level they desire. it can be manufactured in different densities and different firmness options. this gives the flexibility to manufacture customized mattresses matching customers comfort needs. it is essentially a form of plastic which is unmoving and hypo-allergic. offer good value for money given its shelf life. comparison to the other mattress options, are lighter in weight and easier to handle in transportation. is an ideal choice when it comes to buying spare mattresses since it can be easily folded and stored when not in use. by design has minute cell walls which are similar to a bee-hive design structure. they compress and expand to give the necessary softness. this bee hive structure does not allow the mattress to breathe, because of which the mattress cannot pass or circulate air easily, thus creating a warmer sleeping surface.

Since foam is manufactured in multiple densities, it is important to buy only higher density mattresses. the wear and tear of lower density foam easily leads to loss of comfort. different purity levels are used in manufacturing the foam. while the purity level is something that is never disclosed, you can easily see the difference in purity by feeling the foam. purer foam will be more resilient compared to the filler-filled foam.

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