Spring Mattress

Latex Mattress VS Spring Mattress

Many of us grew up sleeping on the traditional spring bed, the superior quality latex mattresses have taken the market by the storm. with its inherent positives, latex mattresses ensure a good night sleep. however, as spring coil mattresses are still widely popular, let us take a brief look at the difference between the variants.

(Support Comparison)

Latex Mattress
Latex is natural liquid that is extracted from rubber plant is soft yet supportive and naturally bounciness. because of its natural open cell structure and holes that enhance natural airflow, it is highly breathable, making it perfect for warm climates like india. most latex mattresses are made up of layers of materials with the core having a thick layer of latex foam. the top most layer is normally of softer latex. latex mattresses are environmentally friendly.

It provides semi soft support. as latex mattress does not spread movement easily, if someone on one side of the bed rolls over, it won’t affect the other person. moreover, for those who suffer from chronic back pain, latex mattresses are by far the best. they in alleviate pain. increasingly, medical professionals such as osteopaths, physical therapists and so on are recommending latex mattresses for their ability to align the body and spine properly and comfortably.

Only latex mattresses naturally distribute body weight evenly. therefore, pain on pressure points is reduced significantly. latex mattresses have a longer shelf life than spring mattresses. it helps to satisfy a customer as latex mattresses retain their softness and are long lasting. latex mattresses are chemical free and are naturally resistant to dust and bacteria. this reduces the cases of allergy and nasal allergies. it reduces body moisture, so body remain cool during summers and warm during winters on a latex mattresses.

  • Scientifically Proven
  • Posture Support
  • Pressure Relief
  • Optimal Blood Flow
  • Fully Optimized Sleep


Spring Mattress
Spring Mattresses were popular in the days of the yore; made of steel coils which are bunched together in a frame with layers of upholstery for cushioning and protection. spring mattresses lose more than 14% of their support in the first year itself. The wear and tear in that sense is fast. spring mattress rates well over 32 mmHg which is the highest limit for PRS- ‘Pressure Relieving Surface”. Result is that springs coil impel upon your pressure points, such as shoulder and hip area, body causing pain and numbness. The numbness is from lack of blood circulation, disturbed sleep, tossing turning, aches and joint pain. This happens because spring mattresses drastically reduces proper support and give you a disturbed sleep. This in the long run results in restless sleep pattern.

Spring mattress you get no pressure relief as the springs considerably push back against your numbness because each spring pushes back with the same force, pressure points pain becomes evident. spring mattress push back weight against your body with exactly the same measure of force that your body weight applies on the mattress. this drastically reduces proper support as body can not push down weight in an even manner. the reason for this is that body areas or pressure points that carry more weight will have an increased ‘push-pressure’ into the mattress, more than other points.
Spring mattresses do not offer proper back and hip support and therefore fail to address spinal alignment; Painful – Uneven distribution of your body weight make spring mattresses painful at crucial points on your body. It is therefore not recommended for senior citizens or a disabled patients.

Spring mattresses don’t adjust on body temperature, spring mattresses require more maintenance once every three months to maintain their shape. This way you don’t get crevices and indents over and above what the normal body impression leaves. You cannot fold or bend a spring mattress, as this will cause the springs to break.

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