Why Us

Why Us

Balaji Mattress is known for various reasons which are unmatched by our competitors. the factors that make us stand apart from key players are that we help our clients to decide which of our products ie mattresses will be best suited for them. this is done by considering their medical history and finding out the perfect option for them.

We offer top quality mattresses as the materials used in manufacturing our mattresses are of premium quality. they are carefully selected where all such materials undergo a strict quality control test at our outpost. this stringent quality control thus gives our products a longer shelf life. each of our mattresses have to fulfil qc checklist before moving out into the market.

Additionally, we have a robust research and development department where we are endlessly exploring and testing newer products to make mattresses with. firm yet luxurious, our mattresses are designed to take the form of your body which gives you optimal comfort, especially those with back and other ailments. suitable for all ages, they are orthopedically designed (orthopedic mattress) to give you a peaceful sleep.

We also cater to individual needs and design custom-made mattresses that are hand-crafted. with a wide range of mattresses such as latex mattress, memory foam mattress, foam mattress, coir mattress, bonded foam mattress, spring mattress we advise our buyers those mattresses whose material suits them the best. if need be, we specifically hand make the mattresses for them.

We have a wide range of mattresses such as latex mattress, foam mattress, coir mattress, memory foam mattress, bonded foam mattress, spring mattress etc. so if you have been searching for the right mattress “to make your bed”, look no further. we have what you need. our mattress price are very competitive and are the best when compared to any other mattress brands or any other mattress online portal that are available in the indian market. our customer service experts help to distinguish us from our competitors. they are prompt and give your concerns immediate attention.

We at Balaji Mattress, are constantly evolving to provide our users the newest and best quality mattress. we strive to make your night good and help you sleep well.

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